Jamaica Beach Police Department

Welcome to the Jamaica Beach Police Department website.  I am very excited to start another Fall season
in one of the best little resort towns in the State of Texas!

The dedicated men and women of the Jamaica Beach Police Department all share the same vision
for our awesome community.  That vision is reflected in our Missions Statement and Core Values.
The JBPD Team is here to serve you and are committed to make Jamaica Beach the safest and best place

to live and visit in the great State of Texas!  

Everyone knows that Jamaica Beach is a great place to be in the summers, but to me FALL is my favorite time

to be in this beautiful City.  Hurricane season comes to an end, the weather is much more pleasant, and we 

have a lot of fun stuff to do here.  We will have National Night Out in our Park on October 3rd and we always

have fun events planned for Halloween and Christmas.

The Officers of JBPD consider our citizens extended family and we all want to WELCOME our guests as well.

If you haven't visited with us yet, please plan a trip soon!  

Additionally, I invite you to come by my office or call me directly if there is anything that I can do for you!

Blessed to Serve You,

Brad Heiman
Chief of Police